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Plexi combo serial number

plexi combo serial number

We have been ever so thankfully flooded with orders for the new Metro-Plex that we have had to forgo accepting orders on our catalog replica titles.
There were many cosmetic changes on the first years until it finally got the Classic Marshall Look by 1964.Marshall cabinets didn't officially include serial numbers until October 1992.Special construction details include authentic reproduction birch headcab, perforated turret boards and a 12XXX serial number.Variants were required to have 4 holes to attain the proper UL rating.Hand-Wired Reissue Series : 2004 - present, jVM Series : 2007 - present Vintage Modern Series : 2007 - present Haze Series : 2009 - present MA Series : 2009 - present MG Series : 1999 - present JDM:1 Series : 2010 - present Some.Note : A way to find out if a 2204 have the cascaded pre-amp or not is the Two Cables test.These are probably the best oportunities to own a Plexi style circuit without spending a fortune (with some tweaks, they can be converted into the smoother late 60s circuit).Export versions had 6550 tubes AND the two extra output jacks.They are simply extra outputs.The JTM Era: The JTM-45 JTM-45 with block logo The first Marshall ever made.Then, this amp was used on the rehearsal sessions of Guns n Roses Appettite for Destruction album. .The next four digits indicate the production number.This hand-wired beauty pumps out big organic tone that gets dirty when pushed hard, making it the perfect choice for grinding out Zeppelin, ZZ Top, and Cream style riffage.Anything different from that (3 inputs, extra knobs, etc) is a modded amp.The power section has four KT88 tubes.
This shelters of stone pdf will give you an approximate idea of the era during which your amp was manufactured.
More important notes: The addition of a, t at the end of the code refers to a Tremolo amp.

Post a link of the desired amp on the Ebay Watch Post, so we can help analyzing.AS used BY: Cream, jimi Hendrix, eric Johnson, paul Kossoff, details: CNC stamped 16g steel chassis.JTM Series : th Anniversary Series : 1997 only, solid State 5000 Series :, valvestate Series.This is probably the biggest area of confusion when dating Marshall amps.This amp is basically the 50w version of the Super Lead, so the sound is really similar to its big brother.Check the era below that applies to your speaker.
But also, they still were faithful to the old non-MV circuits So, they almost always mixed them on stage.
The Lead section sound like a Lead circuit.